How To Make Money Online


Are you a stay-at-home mum looking for an extra income?

Are you a University student looking for some money on the side?

Are you wanting to travel the world and make money while you do it?

Well with the rise of the Internet has come some fantastic new ways for you to make money all from the comfort of your living room or favourite travel destination.  Part-time or full-time, no longer are we restricted by the typical, monotonous 9-5 work environment, but have the freedom to work from our laptop and make money while we do it. It’s all about making money online these days!

All it requires is a little out-of-the box thinking, dedication and some hard work. Think you have what it takes? Well check out some of these methods to figure out if making money online is the right avenue for you.


Is there something that you are passionate about? Gardening? Trading Stocks? Fashion? Surfing? You name it and I guarantee there will be a blog about it. So why not turn your passion into something profitable. Using platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr or Weebly you can make a killing with your blogging, but only if you structure it the right way with amazing content. The key is to make sure that you focus on one specific niche, write useful, engaging content and target it very specifically to your desired target market using specific keywords and marketing methods. And there are many ways to make money through blogging including affiliate marketing, advertising, providing additional services such as coaching or training an providing additional products such as courses or books. Stay tuned, there will be plenty more coming your way to teach you how to do all of this! For now, get started and the rest we can perfect later.


Airtasker is a fantastic tool that has created opportunities and extra income for so many people, all through the fantastic concept of outsourcing. Through this ingenius app that you can download straight to your smartphone, people post every day tasks that need doing, from completing surveys and reviewing websites to cleaning houses or assembling furniture. There are even some requests for food delivery services when people are feeling to hungover to drive! So if you are good at something or are in need of some extra money to pay that big electricity bill, why not give it a go. All you need to do is sign up, register your bank account details and once you bid on the task, if accepted and completed you will get the money in your account within a few days. If you are really digging it, you can even do what my mum did and build a business from it, generating a list of clients that you can do regular and ongoing work for.


Fiverr, similar to Airtasker, is a marketing platform but on a more global scale, that involves individuals and businesses outsourcing there often creative work to experts for a fee, usually starting at around $5 US. There are so many different categories you can specialise in- graphic design, digital marketing, IT, advertising, and now there are even Lifestyle categories such as healings, impersonators and health and fitness, just to name a few. So what are you waiting for? If there is something you are skilled in, create an ad with fiverr, set your price and get making some money today! It is a fantastic service and has so much flexibility. Join using my code- 


Most of us have used EBAY before to buy stuff but what about using it to sell things you no longer need and earn a bit of money? Do a springclean and find all the items you no longer need- clothes, kids toys, books, kitchen wear, sporting goods or technology. You will be surprised of the demand of second hand goods out there! Set your price, decide whether you want people to bid on it or just buy it now and create your ad. Easy as that. Alternatively if you are creative such as an artist, jewellery maker or designer, or if you have a whole heap of goods that need selling, you can create an online EBAY store to make your life a bit easier and generate ongoing business. If you a super keen and are wanting to get more eyes on what you are selling or sell it fast, you can also use Gumtree, the Facebook Marketplace or Etsy (for the creatives) as alternative selling platforms.


Out of all the things I have tried, this would by far have to be the most effective way to make money, and the most of it, online. Although slightly more involved then the above methods, joining an online business involves selecting the right business, often with a small startup, some training and once you are on your way, the ability to live the freedom of a laptop-lifestyle, working at home in your pyjamas, from your fave coffee shop or whilst travelling the world. In the age of entrepreneurialism, the internet has really pathed the way for this phenomenon, allowing people to get involved in businesses with low overheads and risks and big opportunities and create their own twist on it to generate a usually limitless income. Whether it be digital marketing (my preferred online business with the biggest opportunities), network marketing or affiliate marketing, do your research, find out which one is the most suitable for you and your desired lifestyle and get started. Don’t stress,  as somebody with ample experience with online businesses, I will post more information on this later on.

So there you go, just a few ideas to get you started. I am not one for giving you too much information and overloading you all at once, so if you are keen to know more about how you can make money online, subscribe to my blog for more posts or feel free to contact me on for more information.

Happy Online Money Making!

-The Soulful Wanderer


How To Lose Weight


If you have been drawn to this page, then there is no doubt that you are a sucker for the latest dieting phase.

Whether it is the 5/2 diet, Ketogenic, Paleo, high protein or any other Yo-Yo dieting scheme, you’ve tried it. And while you may have experienced phenomenal results to start, there is no doubt that you have ended up relapsing after your body has adapted or you’ve become tired of restricting yourself so much!


We all know that feeling. We have all been there. Sometimes you just look at yourself in the mirror and think, ‘that’s it, I’m starting a new diet.’ You are super motivated, keen to get results, but a few months in after going for coffee with your friend and being tempted by banana bread, you give in to the fighting urge and just eat it. With the one bit of banana bread you have just thrown your ‘diet’ completely out of wack and slowly all the weight piles back on, sometimes even more than before.

You feel guilty, disappointed in yourself, maybe even like a failure. Then comes the feeling of depression, you begin binge eating to hide your emotions and slowly you fall into a vicious cycle.

So the concept of dieting, is it really worth it?

While it may bring about some short term results, in the long term restricting your body of essential food groups, nutrients and vitamins essential for our optimal body functioning can be non-advantageous. Not only that, it can lead to a concept known as ‘dieting-induced weight-gain,’ an increased propensity to gain weight as a result of consistent or long term dieting (Tribole, 2012).

Furthermore, dieting has been linked with obsessive eating behaviours, binge eating, loss of appetite as well as eating with out even being hungry. As a result, scientists have found a causal link between dieting and obesity and eating disorders, (Haines & Neumark-Sztainer 2006).

When we diet, we limit our food intake, causing our body to go into a state of starvation. Suddenly, our survival instincts kick in as our cells have not realised that this form of starvation has been a ‘choice’ rather than us being stranded in the outback with out food for a year.

Our metabolism comes to a catastrophic halt and the cravings for the foods that we are limiting ourselves from gradually increases. Therefore over time the body adapts to the changes, often resulting in rebound weight gain. Not only that but our body becomes unable to distinguish the feeling of hunger and satiety and we lose the ability to determine when and how much food to eat, consequently leading to further weight gain and sometimes even eating disorders. So what does the chronic dieter tend to do as a result of this weight gain? More dieting of course! And so the process begins again.


But here is a crazy thought, instead following a diet that claims to help you lose weight, why not instead listen to your body? This concept, called Intuitive Eating, is a process involving the returning of your mind and body to teach you to rely on hunger and satiety cues to determine your meal timing and portions.

According to 25 proven studies, Intuitive Eaters have a:

  • Lower BMI
  • Lower levels of eating disoders
  • Greater enjoyment of food and eating
  • Greater range of foods incorporated into their eating
  • Better cholesterol levels
  • Greater psychological hardiness

(Tribole & Resch, 2012)


So how do we ditch the diet and reclaim our healthy relationship with food? Here are some ideas.

1. Get off the diet immediately- Throw out all your books, magazines and unsubscribe from your diet fads. Start from scratch with a healthy, wholesome foods. Pinterest has some great resources and soon I will be providing you with some of my favourite blogs for recipes!

2. Reward your hunger and eat regularly- Feed your body when it needs to with the right nutrients. Starving yourself just causes you to feel even more hungry or binge on the wrong foods. You are much better to eat regularly, every 2-3 hours or so not only to maintain your energy levels but to assist in combating your hunger and maintaining your metabolism.

3. Give yourself permission to eat- Do not limit the amount of calories you eat, just make sure when you do you are fuelling your body with the right proteins, fats and carbs to give you long term satisfaction and energy. Listen to your body and ensure that you are maintaining a nutritional intake that balances your energy exertion levels.

4. Don’t Restrict Yourself- If you want to have a piece of chocolate or cake, do it, but in moderation of course. Limiting yourself will just result in bad cravings or causing you to go backwards. On the other hand if you know you are going out and are going to be subjected to lots of unhealthy food, pack a healthy snack such as an apple or almonds to eat BEFORE you eat the naughty foods

5. Eat Mindfully- Recognise the signs that you are no longer hungry. Take your time to chew and taste each mouthful of your food and stop in between to check in on your level of fulfilment. Eating should be a mindful activity with no distractions.

6. Exercise- Don’t see exercise as an act of burning calories, just embrace the joy of being active. Seeing exercise as an enjoyable activity rather than a chore will motivate results and help shift your mind’s focus, to in turn eat more effectively. Exercising with a buddy is also a great weight loss motivator!

7. Deal with Emotions- Rather than eating your emotions, deal with them. If you are feeling upset, cry, if you are feeling angry, punch a punching bag, but don’t turn to food to fix these feelings because at the end of the day eating the wrong foods is just going to make you feel worse.

Most importantly embrace who you are. No matter what weight we are, we are never going to be happy until we can learn to love the person that we are and the value that we have on this earth.

And remember if you ever need any help on your weight loss or fitness journey, as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Guru, I am always happy to help.

teaghanlee xxx


Tribole E. (2012). Warning: Dieting Increases Your Risk of Gaining MORE Weight (An Update).

Tribole E. & Resch E. (2012-in press). Intuitive Eating (3rd edition). St.Martin’s  Press: NY,NY.

Haines, J. & Neumark-Sztainer  D (2006). Prevention of obesity and eating disorders: a consideration of shared risk factors. Health Education Research, 21(6):770–782. [Free Full Text ]

Everything Happens For a Reason


Sometimes I just don’t want to be here anymore. I just want someone to lift me up and take me to a place where I don’t feel pain anymore, where I don’t hurt, where my energy is limitless.

Luckily, the majority of days I have a great days. Days when I have a zest for life and am so happy and content with the path that I am going down. But then there are days like today when I am just an emotional wreck and feel like the world is just punishing me with this horrible illness.

I just want to talk to someone and them to say magic words that will make me feel better. I just want a hug that will make me feel like every thing is going to be okay. I just want somebody to transfer their energy to me- like an energy transplant- so I can just live like a normal person and not count spoons anymore.

Yes this illness is exhausting, battling fatigue on a daily basis. But what is even more draining about it is the fact that not only do you have to carefully measure and utilise your energy expenditure on a daily basis to avoid overdoing it, but you have to battle the stigma of an invisible illness. People just think you are lazy or slack just because you don’t look sick. But if they could see how distorted and cloudy your thoughts are, the struggle you have on your worst days even getting out of bed or the damaged mitochondria in your body, I am sure they would understand. If they saw the tears you cried because you couldn’t do what you loved or the excruciating pain you felt in your muscles when you do too much by accident or the severe depression and anxiety you struggle with on the worst days, they would truly get it.

All I wanted to do today was to buy a pizza. Yes pretty stupid thing but somehow the idea of getting the pizza was going to lift my spirits. A magical slice of gluten free vegetarian pizza was going to make everything okay. Sometimes food has this gift, sometimes it does not. The only way to find out would be to obtain this dream pizza. But then my body insecurities kicked in. I have already eaten bad enough this week and have not completed my usual exercise routine due to tiredness, so eating pizza would probably add another couple of kilos to my frame.

In the past, I would eat pretty healthy but when I had the occasional slice of pizza or treated myself I had the luxury of going to the gym to burn off those unnecessary calories. A run on the treadmill or some bike sprints and they would be gone. These days, it isn’t so simple. With the limited ability to burn off such treats, these calories tend to go straight to my hips. Then I spend days afterwards feeling depressed and fat because I let myself go and ate half a pizza or had that whole block of chocolate. My greatest fear is getting fat. I like to be in control of my body, I like to look good. Partially because of the model babes that the media portrays that I yearn to look like but also because I want to feel confident and good about myself.

It has always been my understanding, ever since I was young, that attractive people get everything they want in life. The good-looking, popular group at school always attracted the hot boys in school and were good at everything. The good-looking people I meet always have the best jobs, travelling the world, doing what they love and have beautiful families. The good-looking celebrities get all the luxuries in life and endless amounts of money. Is it because they are good-looking, things and people are drawn to them? Or is it because they are good-looking they are more confident and more likely to go after what they want? I guess I will never figure that one out.

As somebody who has always struggled with accepting my looks and being confident, I have always felt unworthy or less in this world. I am not amazing looking, I know that. I was told that in primary school and highschool with my freckles and slight overbite. I have never been super photogenic, I don’t really understand how to do the latest make-up style and I am not super fashionable. And being sick does not make me feel any better. Some days I am tired with bags under my eyes, bloated and barely have the energy to even do my make up which doesn’t create the best image of myself.

But I am saying all of this compared to others- how many Instagram or Facebook likes other people get, how many friends they have or how many people they have chasing after them. Comparisons can be dangerous.

I will admit though, my confidence has grown. I used to be so paranoid just walking in the shopping centre worried about how I was looking, who was looking at me or what they were thinking. I was afraid to look in a mirror because I was ashamed of the ghastly person looking back at me. I never felt good just being me. Whereas these days I can at least do all of those things with poise and confidence. I am not sure if this has stemmed from my recovery or with age but it is definitely more abundant then it was in my earlier years. I am definitely more in love with who I am though.

Not only have I grown more confident in and accepted the way that I look, I have realised what a wonderful person I am. I have great qualities that make me who I am- a generous and kind heart, great people skills, a love and passion for life and an ambitious, optimistic attitude. I don’t hold onto anger or hate, I simply replace it with gratitude and appreciate every single moment of my life, whether it is good or bad as a lesson to teach me strength and give me purpose. Despite some days, like today, having my doubts I am driven to succeed in life and inspire others to overcome hardship and do the same.

While today is not the greatest day and the negative thoughts and self-doubt at the back of my mind are coming to the surface, I just got to roll with today and ride out the storm. Not every day will be like today and when these days happen it is not fun, but I will instead use this in a positive way as an excuse to indulge in some self-love and rest and recuperate. I know that this illness was cast upon me for a reason, a test of my strength, and I must use every moment gracefully and absorb all the teachings I possibly can from it. Not only for my own self-growth but to inspire and motivate others who are experiencing, have experienced or may one day experience such hardships.

I will get back to my positive, optimistic self but today I just need to enjoy this chance my body has given me to stop and chill out. It’s hard when there is so much happening around me and so much I want to be doing in this moment but it seems my body has other plans for me right now. And the way that I deal with it will determine how long this setback lasts. I can either drown in my sorrows and get anxious about my plans and future or I can just embrace it for what it is, take it day by day, and just do my thing. I know that things will work out, I know my life is falling into place, even if it is slowly, and I know I have so much life to look forward to. But today I am just going to live in the present and not worry about what tomorrow brings.

As I see other people suffering, some with debilitating fatigue to the point where they are unable to even get out of bed or need a wheelchair to get around, some with the loss of a loved one or others that have a terminal illness and in extreme pain I realise how grateful I am for how far I have come. I could have gone down the wrong path and ended up a lot worse then I am today, giving into the negativity and depression and subduing my mind and body to this illness for ever, or worse ending up taking my own life. But I am proud of myself for realising that I had a choice to make with this illness, a gift some people don’t get, and I had to use it wisely. The choice I made was to not give up, but to fight despite the challenges I have come up against.

I made the decision to eat healthy, to follow a strict, graded exercise regime, to retrain my thinking with positive affirmations, gratitudes and self-development books, to meditate and practice mindfulness and surround myself with a positive community of people. I may push myself a little too much sometimes in trying to be a normal healthy person and forget the fact that I am battling this illness but I celebrate the small little victories I have had. The fact that I am now able to go to the gym and do weights when at first I could barely get out of bed. The fact that I can eat healthy and not have constant cravings for carbohydrates, sugar or coffee due to my poor energy levels. The fact that I can read again, several chapters in fact, without my head hurting and my thoughts being clouded for the rest of the day. The fact that I can socialise and enjoy time with the people I love without needing a sleep afterwards. The fact that I can get out and appreciate nature without worrying about the after-effects of such uses of energy. These are all wins.

While on days like today, these wins can be shadowed by the dark cloud of negativity and doubt there is no denying that I have come a long way in the past 3 years. And sometimes it takes the words of someone else, those around me, to remind me of that. What I am going through is tough, but how I am dealing with it has made me tougher. Hell after the break up, financial hardship and resignation from two jobs, prior to Chronic Fatigue I would have probably been in a complete state of depression for months. But when all of those things happened, all whilst I was recovering from this illness, I handled it like a boss. Of course there were rough days, but I truly believe that all of this happened to me to prepare me for those events and make me see them as a positive experience, rather then a negative one, to send me on the right path. And slowly, that is what I am heading down. A path of happiness, abundance, love, success and complete health.

These days can make me sometimes doubt my ability. A setback is precisely that, an event that happens that sets you slightly off track or backwards. This is the process with CFS, two steps forward, one step back, and it can be very frustrating sometimes but the fact is a every step forward is progress. I want to be better now, I want to have my business now, I want to be travelling the world now. I am impatient, but as my psychic said to me ‘these things will come, you just need to trust in the universe to get you there.’ I see all these people out there achieving great things and I just want to do the same, but I have to try and make myself see that these things will come to me too after I recover from this illness and escape this time warp my life is currently in. Good things happen to those who wait right?

All in all, it is what it is. I cannot change what I have. But I can change how I think about it and how my mind and body works as a result. I can make this a positive experience rather then a negative one, even on the days where the negativity overwhelms me, and use this to become a better person. And that is what I choose to do. I am just grateful for my self-development materials, meditation and my strong, driven mum for inspiring me to do so. And more recently, I have seen my Pop do the same. Despite his ailments, he has fought them and refused to give up. I guess that is what us Watton’s do.

This may seem like a pointless rant, but to me it has a very important point. It allows me to, through words, turn my bad days into better days. Somehow the words allow me to turn my thoughts into enlightened moments that I know will aid my recovery and in the future, define my life. This journey is all part of finding my purpose, and through the storm I will prove courageous and come out the other side where the rainbow appears and the sun shines brightly. The clouds may catch me every now and again but the will never steal my sunshine- my love for myself or life.

If you are reading this and you are suffering I hope that you know things will get better. It’s up to you though to make it happen. We cannot change our lives unless we change our way of thinking about things. The mind is the most powerful force, and when we change that, we change how our body deals with things, our direction and ultimately our life. So watch motivational videos, join a community, help others or meditate- all of these can help you reprogram the way you see your life and the world.

You are so important. So valuable. And you have a purpose, a reason why you are here on earth. A book called the five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom helped me see this. But to see that you must firstly slow down, focus on your small wins, and only then will you start to see things clearly.

Don’t give up. The world is depending on you to shine like the diamond you were born to be.

And remember, everything happens for a reason.

Peace and love

teaghanlee xxx



The Jigsaw Puzzle



I watched the greatest movie today. And not the typical kind of movie that you would watch and it make you emotional, but for this one it did. Despite it being a kid’s animation movie, the meaning behind it not only resonated deep within me, but tugged some heart strings deeply built into my being.

Now I don’t know if it was just because I was feeling so much today or if this movie did really cut into me deep, but somehow the affect it had over me was one I could not ignore. It made me think and made me feel more intensely then I had in a while. And brought many emotions to the surface.

The story, Ballerina, was about a little orphan girl who dreamed of being a famous ballet dancer in Paris and despite her difficult upbringing and unfortunate situation, she believed beyond reasonable doubt that she could achieve it. She put it out to the Universe and somehow, with the help of the law of attraction, hard work and a little optimism, she ended up conquering all odds to fulfil her dreams and become the star of the famous Nutcracker ballet.

Yes this may sound a little crazy that I could see so much meaning behind a silly little kid’s movie, but the experiences I have had in my life thus far have allowed me to not only be more inquisitive but more receptive to the world around me. That, and the fact that I am slightly weird and left of centre. Instead of being oblivious to what is happening around me, I am much more conscious and aware not only of what is happening in nature, the universe and the world, but how people are acting, their emotions and even my own emotions. And I feel so much more as a result.

Something about this movie, just got me thinking, not only about how I have used determination, hard work and the power of the universe in my recovery process and becoming the person I love today, but how internally and externally connected I am as a result of this.  In growing as a person and healing my mind and body, my understanding of the journey of life and the world has been amplified ten fold. Never before have I felt so enlightened and aware of the occurrences and lessons of the Universe. And this by far, over anything, has been the most beautiful gift that I have been given.

Sure it would have been nice to have not suffered this pain, exhaustion and loss of self to get to this point, but when we want something bad enough, whether it be consciously or unconsciously our mind has away of leading us to it. Little did I know that while I was dealing with this arduous and exhausting illness I was actually subconsciously leading myself to what I truly wanted in life- a life of incredible self-love, happiness and abundance.  It’s strange how these things happen right before your eyes, but you don’t realise until the process has well and truly began, until you stop and reflect on what has been.

It was like this with my life before my previous relationship ended. At the time everything was incredible. I felt happy and in love with life. But after the break-up happened and I took the time out to look back on what had been, I began to see things with greater clarity then before. I realised that I had been living my life and ignoring my own needs to fulfil those of the girl I loved immensely. I realised that I was sabotaging my own recovery, overwhelming my body with medications and treatments to try and make myself better when what I really needed was to slow down, simplify everything and stop overloading my body. I realised that I couldn’t accept the fact that I was unwell because I feared that my ex-girlfriend would no longer love me and want to leave me. I realised that all of this time I hid who I truly was, exhausting myself with medications and disguises because I didn’t want to admit that I was unwell and lose myself or purpose for life. But the biggest lesson to come out of all of this was that I could have prevented all of this worry, heartache and perhaps even the end of my relationship if I had just accepted I was sick, listened to my body’s cry for time out and relieved myself from all pressure and stress. But I didn’t.

Instead I pushed through it all and after multiple burnouts, a break up, loss of self and some other hard knocks, the lessons from all of these experiences were finally realised at the end of 2016. I will admit sometimes I kick myself for the fact that I realised these too late. But I an a firm believer that everything happens for a reason- in fact it is my favourite quote. And as much as I wish sometimes things played out differently, all of these events happened to transform me and to set my on my purposeful path in life. Despite the hurt and heartache, particularly toward the end of 2016, I knew that I was better off alone to deal with this recovery then having the guilt or putting the burden on someone else, a partner. I knew that the only way I am going to rediscover myself after this life-changing illness and transformation was by spending time indulging in ridiculous amounts of self love and nurturing. I knew that to find out what I wanted in life once again was to first of all find myself. And that is precisely what I did.

I ignored the urge to meet people, to pursue romantic relationships. Maybe not at first, but after a few months or so. Of course it is a human need to want to find companionship, but I knew that I could not devote my energy to somebody else when what I really needed in the long run was to devote my energy to getting 100% recovered from CFS. And only then would it be the right time to put myself out there and find the right person. Only then could I allow myself to attract my soulmate into my life.

While recovering from CFS has always been at the forefront of my mind, particularly being my number 1 focus for 2017 and romance has not, I guess the Universe can sometimes work it’s magic when you least expect it. In the process of recovering and working on building my business I have found myself being more observant of this universal magic and just watched in amazement how everything slowly falls into place when you just follow the natural course your life is leading you down. At this most humble and conscious point in my life I have bared witness to nature communicating with me on a spiritual level, randomly meeting people who I have eerily similar commonalities with or connections with and with minimal effort have found the puzzle of life slowly piecing itself together in coincidental and perfect ways. It is almost like the past 28 years of my life I have been working on this puzzle, trying to figure out how it all fits together and now after all this time, the puzzle pieces connect seamlessly. One after the other things are falling strategically into place – connecting with beautiful, loving and positive people, slowly building my dream career in my own multi-faceted business and recovering from this illness with greater progress then ever before- and these components are all interconnecting in the most wonderful of ways.

Of course there are still days when I question things and feel as though maybe I am misinterpreting these workings. But on most days and in the grander scheme of things, the world is beautifully piecing everything together for me and all the positive vibes and intentions I am putting out there are coming back to create greatness in my life. The law of attraction is unintentionally working incredible wonders. And oh how I am loving this process.

6 months ago there is no way I would have believed you when you said I would end up here. Single, without a traditional job and confidently and independently working on my dreams. But all I can say is thank goodness I am here. I may not have been actively seeking but I have found some amazing gifts in this world that have been drawn to me- a job where I can work for myself and travel while I do it, a wonderful bunch of friends, a greater love and zest for life, an amazing, beautiful Canadian girl who I cannot stop thinking about (and at the very least I have as a great friend) and a happiness beyond any imaginable feeling.

So thank you to the tests of life for putting me on the right track. Thank you jigsaw puzzle for assembling yourself just when I thought it was a 100,000 piece puzzle that would never be solved. Thank you universe for accepting all of my dedication and positive energy and gifting me with this magical, wonderful life.

The Universe really does give back what you put in, multiplied.

So work through the hard times, but keep putting good energy out to the world. Because your determination, hard work and passion will come back to you in a way that is so beautiful, so powerful, it will make every hardship worth it.

And slowly, your jigsaw puzzle will start to fall into place.

Peace and love

teaghanlee xxx

Wonderfully Wise




The past few days have not been the greatest days for me. I have been exhausted to the point of being zombie-like, weak and lethargic and my head can’t even fathom the idea of speaking words. Usually in this state after a continuous run of smooth sailing and progress, I would feel depressed and be cruel to myself. I would torture myself and criticise my past actions that have led me to this crash and feel as though I am sabotaging my own successful recovery. But as my first setback of 2017 and my first in over a month, I am feeling surprisingly happy and optimistic about things to come. Things are looking up.

What brought about this change? Well a few wonderful things actually. Firstly it came from a fantastic new book I am reading- Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to stop worrying and start living.’ This book is full of incredible life lessons, but one of the most important one’s that reading this has made me realise is that through my own self development and healing process, a lot of these wise and valuable lessons I have already learned myself. From the idea of not wasting energy on past and future worries and just living in the present to the concept of changing your thoughts to be more positive, almost every principle in this book so far I have already adapted into my life. I had in my head that I was doing every thing wrong and that I had so many more invaluable lessons to learn, and I know I probably have a lot more but in the moments of reading this book my faith in myself was affirmed. All this time I was worried about what I should be learning when all this time I was actually teaching myself unknowingly. I was practicing positive affirmations, changing my negative thoughts to positive and dealing with my worry all without being consciously aware of it. The gift of realisation is truly a magical thing.

The second thing is gratitude. Every day for the past 3 months or so I have been journaling every morning all that I am grateful for. I began doing it not for the fact that I was ungrateful for what I had, but to remind myself that in my world limited by physical and mental energy, I still had so much to be thankful for. Previously I found myself comparing my life to other’s, mine focused on counting the spoons of energy for the day, their’s dedicated to travelling or working a full time job or enjoying all of the marvellous wonders that the world had to offer. By this comparison, aided by social media, my life seemed worthless. I began to feel depressed, anxious and slowly began to close myself even more off from the world as I feared nobody would want to hear the boring tales of my mundane life. While over time I began to appreciate the things around me more- nature, the people, good food, the ocean- I still had this niggling feeling, particularly on bad days, that my life and I were just nothingness. In a plea of desperation to stop feeling worthlessness I reached out to a dear friend and a fellow sufferer who gave me some incredible yet obvious advice- stop comparing your journey to others and remind yourself every day what I you are grateful for. Deep down I had known that I needed to do both of these things all along but somehow coming from someone else it was just the kick in the teeth I needed. So from that point onward I stopped comparing and starting accepting my life for the incredible, enlightening journey it was. In the process of writing out my gratitudes every day, not only did I begin to appreciate the simplest, most beautiful things in life but I began to see how lucky I was. This once burden of Chronic Fatigue had become a blessing that was teaching me so many valuable lessons and giving me the ability to love myself and succeed on my new path in life. And I had become a more empathetic, loving and stronger as result. Now every time I am having a bad day I simply say to myself, what can I be grateful for today?

The third thing and the most wonderful of late, is being surrounded by wonderful, positive and stress-free people. When I was previously working, I found it very hard to avoid negative energy. While the majority of people I came into contact with were pleasant, there was no escaping workplace tension, disgruntled customers and in some cases, incredibly negative people. Now in other circumstances, I would have been able to shut off from this kind of thing, and most of the time I could. But after getting sick I found myself a lot more susceptible to and effected by other people’s bad energy. Despite my efforts if somebody was unhappy, stressed or anxious, I felt these rub off and impact on my entire recovery mission. While all negativity cannot be avoided, I have now found myself able to choose and be incredibly selective of those who I spend time with. Not only because my energy is limited and I cannot waste it on negativity but because I want to surround myself with people who understand what I am going through and love me regardless. And utilising law of attraction I have been able to achieve this. In addition to the already beautiful friends and family that grace my life at present, I have also recruited some incredible humans into my life. Loving people with great ideas, positive energy and a yearning for life- all qualities that I believe I harness in myself- and who will, with no effort, be there for me on my worst days. Without these people in my life and the fabulous energy that provide I would be nothing but the sad, isolated girl I was when I first got sick, feeling sorry for myself in the corner. I am grateful for these humans.

Realisation of my self-development and self-love, gratitude and wonderful people have all helped me a great deal to grow to the more grounded, more conscious human I am today. I reflect back to even just a year ago when I was in a relationship, working full time and living in my own rented place with my partner and two cats, life was very different. I was happy, but I felt as though my life and my recovery was stagnant. I was working to afford materialistic things but what I was failing to do was live. I had become so invested in the expectations of society that I neglected to see what I truly needed to do to get better. I didn’t need all of this medication, money or material things to prove my worth. I didn’t need to get all these things to make me more valuable to my partner or those around me. I thought if I lost them, life would be over. But I was so wrong. Because when I lost all of that, that is when I began to see what I needed. I needed appreciation, self-love and time out. I needed to escape the normal route of life and just do me for a while, learning who I am and what I love all over again. I just needed to step back so I could step forward with this recovery. And with the people in my life, previous and new, I have had the support and guidance to be able to do just that.

When I hit rock bottom, my life did not fall apart, it fell together. Piece by piece, everything is falling into place and without me even knowing, I am progressing, as a person and in my recovery. There are still things I am discovering, but the clarity I have for my life and the faith I have in myself and this journey are beyond anything I ever thought imaginable. When you put your life on the line, the Universe has a funny way of having your back.

So thank you to the moments, people and thoughts that have gotten me here today. It’s not where I thought I would be, it’s not a typical life and there may have been some detours, but it is my journey and I am infinitely grateful and wiser because of it.

We are put on this world for a reason, a path that leads to our purpose. Never get so busy living that you fail to stop and see what the Universe is telling you about your’s.

Here’s to living your life.

peace and love

teaghanlee xxx



Country Livin’


Gunnedah- hot, super country and the hometown of Miranda Kerr. It’s been a long time since I have been to this place but the memories and smell of the country and the heat were all still fresh in my mind. It wasn’t until I entered the dry, brazen countryside town that all of these connections came flooding back.

For as long as I can remember my grandfather George has been ill. Initially it started with heart problems resulting in a countless number of heart attacks and a pace maker being inserted in his heart. Then there was prostate cancer. All of which he battled through. But most his health has taken a turn for the worst. After a mystery source was robbing him of his blood, depleting all his energy and landing him in hospital on many occasions, the doctor’s advised him that options had become limited and in frank terms, there wasn’t much more they could do for him. His body was simply giving up.

After hearing this news last week, despite my lack of closeness with my pop, it was still a shocking blow. He was never the most warm or affectionate pop, but was always full of cheekiness and good humour. And the thought of me not seeing him before he passed on to the next world was a thought I could just not bear. After 3 years of not seeing him, I knew that I needed to make the effort to visit him in Gunnedah and spend some valuable time with him, regardless of his ill state.

I will admit I was nervous at the prospect of seeing not only George, but my Nan and relatives, particularly after being so slack with keeping in contact and not visiting them over the past few years. But if there was one thing I had come to value more after getting sick, besides the importance of health, was the importance of family. And no matter what had happened in the past or kept us apart there was no reason that future relationships with my family needed to be distant ones. I knew I needed to make more of an effort, especially now I was on the road to recovery, and this was going to be the first step.

After hearing that my Dad was travelling to Gunnedah this weekend, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to see George and family and enjoy some quality time with them in the town that I once knew so well. So many holidays had been spent up there, playing with my cousins at the local pool, horse-riding and going on many country adventures but I knew this time was going to be completely different. It was the first time as an adult, from what I recall, that I had been back to visit and I knew the dynamic would have changed.

The four hour and half hour trip there was just as I remembered. Long, arduous but full of beautiful country scenery. I remembered all the little towns, the nostalgic landmarks and the long stretch of road as if it were yesterday. How excited I used to get on the family trips to the country and the prospect of summer adventures with my cousins. But the greatest memory I had was my Christmas’s there, going Christmas light looking on Christmas Eve and eagerly waiting for Santa to come on Christmas mornings. I remembered the joy and happiness when I visited and the amazing time I had with all of my family.  It is amazing how one place can just make you feel so much.

Despite all of the scenery being the same, as I expected the energy had definitely changed. George looked so ill laying on his fold out chair with a wet towel on his head, gaunt and yellow, and my Nan, while still healthy and alert looked exhausted. Not only had his ailments taken there toll on him, but as his carer, they had taken there toll on my Nan too. With no energy and minimal life in him, my Nan had to do everything for him and despite the love in her heart and selfless nature, the look in her eyes screamed that it was all too much. But with the vow of marriage comes the vow of being by your partners side in sickness and in health.

Regardless of the depleted energy that was present in my Nan’s house there was one thing that was still there- love. Nan with her considerate nature and desire to make everyone feel comfortable and George, despite his dry sense of humour, with his jokes and cheeky remarks. And the greatest thing, on top of this, was getting to see my Aunty, her husband and my cousin Matt after so many years. Talking to them about life and growth and laughing made it feel just like old times. Despite years apart there were no hard feelings and it just felt like I had seen them yesterday. I guess that is the great thing about a great family. Time moves, but love stands still.

While it was a very emotional trip, being possibly the last time I will see George, it was also absolutely wonderful. I got to spend time with my beautiful people. I got to embrace the memories of the past. And I got to enjoy and savour the beautiful countryside. And it made me realise that all the resentment and ill-feeling I felt that my family had towards me was all in my head. I knew I was sick and dealing with my own issues, but I had placed this unnecessary burden of hatred on myself for my lack of communication with them.

Yes this may not have been the happiest reason for the trip, but I am so grateful that I was in a position in my life where I could just take off and for the valuable lessons it taught me. Not only do I know now, to a greater degree, the value of family but I know that I need to make much more of an effort with communicating with them and all my family more regularly. We only have one life and you never know what day could be your last so spend as much time as you can with your loved ones and embrace every moment. What is worse then a life of regrets?

If this is the last time I see George, I can proudly say that the rest of our time together was special and monumental. For as long as I live, I know that I will remember this weekend and the times that I had. But I know that like the rest of us Wattons that George is a fighter and despite all his suffering, he is refusing to give up. It could be strength, it could be stubbornness, but I know that when he is ready to let go he won’t go out without a fight.

So Teaghan’s little life lessons from this trip: Firstly, spend as much quality time with your family as you can and if you can’t then make sure you keep in touch in other ways. Secondly, don’t let what you think other people are thinking get in the way of what you want to do. I thought my family would be annoyed or angry at me for not communicating with them in so many years and hence was hesitant to see them for so long. But this time I sucked up the courage and just went for the opportunity to see them all. The result- some great memories and an amazing time with my wonderful family. Thirdly, listen to your heart. If your heart is telling you to do something, do it. And lastly, live with no regrets. Life is precious. Embrace it!

Peace and love

teaghanlee xxx

The Simple Life


Life is funny sometimes. Moments when you think that you have figured everything out and then wham it takes you by complete surprise. Well today that happened.

For the past month, I have been taking a break from my ‘home’ in Melbourne, enjoying life and spending quality time with the pe0ple I love on the Central Coast, my hometown. While I was only meant to stay here until 9th January I found myself enticed by the presence of beautiful positive pe0ple, the incredible weather and the solitude to stay at little longer. And gee I am glad I did.

If being sick has taught me anything it is the art of gratitude for the small things in your life: family, friends and nature. In the past I was just so busy and caught up in the business of work and life that I forgot to take in what mattered most in my life. I undervalued time with the people I loved, I was always thinking about the future rather then the present and I was never content with what I had- I always wanted more. But when you hit rock bottom and lose yourself and almost everything that once matters, suddenly you find away to keep going and not to give up. My way was gratitude and the art of minimalism.

In an attempt to restore myself from ill health I found myself simplifying everything in my life. The over-achiever, over-complicated lifestyle I was living in the past obviously hadn’t served my mind or body, so it was time to take a new approach. Inspired by my ex-girlfriend and my natural survival instinct, I began to adopt a simpler lifestyle. I ditched my clutter, adopted routines and devised simple methods for each task. I got out in nature, condensed my wardrobe and decor and reduced my spending. I took more time out, eliminated stress and toxicity and attempted to reduce overthinking and my mental input. I literally stripped everything of complication. I worked with what I had and what I could do and embraced every little piece of life for the magic it was. Taking it back to basics was vital was to be the only hope of conserving my energy and restoring my health to full capacity.

This process happened gradually over time, initially by accident then slowly more consciously. Meditation, writing things down and structure helped with simplifying my thinking. Routine, decluttering and planning helped with simplifying my physical activity and life. Instead of being overwhelmed by my life and consumed by everything in it, I progressively found my energy levels improving and my zest for life returning. I was no longer the lifeless zombie I was when I first got sick.

I now find myself now carefully breaking down and putting to boxes every part of my life. Complicated things that once hurt my brain are carefully broken down and categorised into an area of my brain that is able to comprehend them in the most basic of ways, almost like a filtering system. People, thoughts, behaviours, events and tasks are all reduced from an ambiguous set of components to ones that can be carefully yet straight-forward interpretations. And what an incredible difference it has made.

My life and my limited energy have not only become so much more manageable because of this system but I am, more then ever, grateful for all the great things I have. I am able to embrace the present, without worrying about my past or future, embracing every quality little moment that makes up my life.

And the time here in my hometown has really emphasised that and the growth I have undergone in the process to get here. Great conversations, beautiful adventures in nature and valuable time with family and friends, all have demonstrated the huge shift that has happened within me and made me this fantastic minimalist and person I am today. And the learning doesn’t stop there.

There are always days like today where a conversation with someone or an insight into a different lifestyle begins to raise doubts within me. Days when I feel like I am restricting myself or living my life in a way that completely excludes me from my peers or others.

But despite these doubts I know deep down that I was made for bigger things. And as my cloudy thoughts become clearer and my physical energy grows greater I have no doubt my aversion from the typical life will benefit me greatly. Not only in my recovery but in the success of my business, meeting great new people and finding my soulmate.

This isn’t the life I had in mind for me. It is never what I imagined. But life is full of surprises and the universe has a funny way of putting you on the right track. And I wouldn’t change things for the world.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is coming. But today is simple and beautiful and I am taking every moment in.

In this over complicated world, simplicity will help us succeed.

Peace and love

teaghanlee xxx



2017: The Year of Dreams


So my 2017 didn’t start on the best foot. I had way too many jelly shots and mango liqueur which resulted in me passing out at a friend’s party a long time before we even hit midnight. But despite the drunken, embarrassing entry into the new year, 2017 is really bringing it on for me.

2016 was definitely rough- a break up from who I thought was the love of my life and the the loss of my best friend and some great friends as a result, resignation from two great jobs, some significant chronic fatigue crashes, the loss of my house and my two precious cats and severe financial hardship. It was a real low point for me. But it was by far the greatest learning curve I have ever experienced in my life and has consequently put me on the right path. A path catalysed by heartbreak, grief and loss of independence that has led to the discovery of my true self, incredible people and my true calling in life. And for this I am truly grateful.

Sure at the time it sucked. I thought the pain of heartbreak would never go away, that I would hurt that bad for ever. I thought that I would never recover from Chronic Fatigue and would forever be on this cycle of up’s and down’s unable to work, study and do the things I loved. I thought that I would never be loved and accepted, even just by friends, ever again. The depression and anxiety almost crippled me and at times I thought that this world would be better off without me.

But then I realised something. In the midst of all the hurt and suffering, I realised that my life did have meaning and all of this was happening to me to teach me lessons, make me stronger and help me grow into the person I need to be. Everything had it’s purpose. Every person had their purpose in my life. And at this point I decided I was going to have a purpose. I was going to make a difference in the world. I was going to make not only mine, but other’s lives matter. But first, it began with working on me, making myself the best possible version of me and overcoming one of the main things that was preventing me be that person – Chronic Fatigue. Despite all the beautiful wisdom and learning it gave me, CFS was still restricting and having some impact on my dream life.

After the break up, short little rebound and resignation from my job, I decided not to return to work but instead focus on my recovery  by focusing on what I love and engaging on an amazing self development journey. For so long I had turned to other’s to help with my Chronic Fatigue- naturopaths, specialists, exercise physiologists, psychologist- but the only way I was going to get better was by helping myself. And so after 2.5 years or so suffering with the illness, I ditched all the medications and expert help and decided to commence on my own path. After all, nobody knows me better then me right?

It happened almost overnight, this spiritual awakening consumed me and I just couldn’t help but feel inspired by change. I raided the bookshelves and libraries for every self-help book I could find. I downloaded an entire library of podcasts to fill my mind. I researched every possible free source of self-development material I could find. If I was going to do this, I was going to give it my all.

Each day I would get up and plan my day, keeping myself accountable and goal-driven with a routine and schedule. I would start the day with positive affirmations, repeating over and over the 10 minute audio to set a positive intention for the day and retrain my thinking. Then it would be time to spend 10-15 minutes focusing on and writing out my gratitudes- the things that I was most grateful for in this world. After simplifying my life so much after getting sick, it was easy to focus on the things that mattered most and made me happy.

I then scheduled to read or listen to at least 1 chapter of a book or audio book per day. Usually I would be able to smash 1 chapter easily, but the cognitive affects of poor concentration and inability to absorb information as effectively due to CFS limited that to a degree. So I decided to start small and build up from there. Through this, I was able to get through some great books on retraining the subconscious, neurolinguistic programming, happiness, law of attraction and other fantastic areas of personal development.

Podcasts were also a great tool to retrain my mind and thinking to be able to successfully manage this recovery. I loved anything by so found myself going crazy with downloads from his library. The podcasts were short, clear and powerful, and I was easily getting through about 2-3 per day, learning fantastic new strategies to employ in my life. You Tube videos, especially those by Tony Robbins, were also great tools for motivation and self development.

When I first got sick and was consulting with an Exercise Physiologist, she provided me with one of the greatest tools that has absolutely transformed my mind, body and greatly assisted in my recovery and it is one I still use religiously- meditation. Guided meditation, quantam healing meditation, meditation music, all of these I have used to varying degrees to allow me to balance my energy levels, relax and restore when required. It has helped me to manage the high stress and anxiety levels with CFS, deal with my depression and just in general stay grounded and content in my life, despite all that happens. I truly believe without meditation, I would have probably gone off the rails in 2016. So everyday, for at least 2 hours at varying times throughout the day and before bed, I take time out to meditate. It doesn’t matter where I am or how weird I look, I know the benefits of this small little tool and know the greatness it manifests in my recovery and my journey and will continue to use it for the rest of my life.

Exercise has also been a huge part of my life since I was young, playing cricket at an elite level and spending most of my teenage years at the gym or training outdoors. But after I got sick, my exercise level and cardio output became limited. Despite this, over the past 2.5 years I have able to successfully build up my exercise levels from being able to walk only 100metres before feeling like I was going to die to doing a 20 minute interval run or 45 minute strength session at the gym. Since exercise has been so crucial in my recovery, it has been a vital component as part of my self-development makeover. As depicted in my goals for my recovery on a noticeboard in my living space, I have set myself the task of completing 3 weight sessions, 1-2 yoga sessions, 30-40mins cardio each day (walking, swimming, cycling, playing cricket, basketball, soccer) and 1 running interval session per week. Not only has it reignited my passion for health and fitness and helped in recovering from CFS but it has proved to me the importance of exercise in restoring ill health.

Healthy eating is probably one of the most fundamental components of this journey that has made this whole self-development program possible and effective. The saying that food is medicine could not be a more true concept. I have found that through eating a plant-based diet with adequate carbs, protein and fats I have been able to restore my energy levels progressively over time, particularly in the past 6 months. Of course I may go off the bandwagon every now and again, indulging in a bit too much sugar, dairy or gluten, but of course the consequence is I suffer afterwards. I feel more cloudy, fatigued and just all round ill and therefore less motivated to fulfil my daily self development schedule. Therefore, avoiding the ‘bad’ foods is in my best interest to stay on track and succeed at accomplishing my goals.

Last but probably the most important factor in this journey, particularly from the aspect of self love, is doing at least one thing I love every single day. Getting out in the sunshine, treating myself to a nice turmeric or chai latte, going to the beach, exploring a new place, going out for a nice meal with friends, listening to music or watching my fave show or a movie, all of these things are a part of who I am and in doing them have allowed me to feel like CFS has lost control over me. By getting out and doing what I love I have regained my independence and my enjoyment and quality of life, which I believe is vital when recovering from a chronic illness. It is doing these things that make me feel normal once again.

All of these factors- daily gratitude, positive affirmations, self development podcasts, videos and books, meditation, healthy eating, exercising and doing what I love each day- have enabled me after 6 months of doing them religiously to reach the most incredible point in my life.

Right now, after just commencing 2017 I am the happiest, confident and most positive I have ever been, not only in my recovery journey but in myself. I have realised that I do not want to get involved in any relationships or even be intimate with anyone, I am just so happy enjoying my own company and the knowledge I am acquiring daily about myself and the world. Self development is a never-ending journey, but in the past 6 months I feel as though I have done more of this, and more growing then I have in the entire 28.5 years I have been on this earth. And this is only the beginning.

I have met fantastic people, stepped out of my comfort zone a whole bunch of times, taken on new challenges and spent time with the positive and uplifting people that make up my family and friends. I continue to set goals on a daily basis, even when I am not having such a good day, to keep myself positive and on track towards my weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

While my self development journey is huge, I have kept my goals for 2017 fairly simple and straight forward:

  1. Be completely recovered from CFS by December 31st 2017 and be able to socialise, work out, study and work in my multi-faceted business without any post-exertional malaise
  2. Build my own multi-faceted business to generate a minimum of $10,000/month by December 31st 2017

With my determined attitude and driven persona I know that I can absolutely smash these goals out of the park, and then in 2018 fulfil my dreams of running my business and travelling the world. I know it may seem crazy, but my goals and the vision of successfully reaching these is so ingrained in me, that it has become part of my subconscious mind and consequentially every day purpose. To a degree I am already living like I am healthy, wealthy and free.

As I sit here with my life ahead of me and a bright future, I know that these goals will happen but I also know that I still need to enjoy everything that happens in the present, a task which meditation has helped me do. While I am enjoying this time away from home (Melbourne) at my second home (Central Coast), the minutes I have spent with my family, friend’s, in nature and even by myself have been some of the best and most memorable moments of my life. I have a heart full of gratitude and appreciation that I never had in the past, and all of this has come from my own self-engaged personal development journey.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am so proud of how far I have come, how far I have grown from the person I used to be, and if this much growing can happen in 6 months, then imagine how much there is to look forward to. Self development is a never ending journey with each life event teaching us more about our self and our lives, so why not embrace every moment of it.

This is the beginning of my future. A fabulous new year. A new healthy and successful version of me. A new successful business. This is my year to shine like a diamond.

I hope every one else kicks there goals out of the park.

Peace and love

teaghanlee xxx