Central Coast: The Place I Call Home

The beautiful Gosford Waterfront at sunset

It has now been almost 3 months since I packed up my suitcase and came back ‘home’ to the Central Coast for what was meant to be a 3 week holiday. And what a wonderful extended holiday it has been.

For 25 years of my life, I inhabited this lovely place. Living by the beach, sunbaking and attempting to tan in the sun and spending way too much time at Terrigal beer garden, aka the Beery as it is more lovingly know to locals.

Oh how I missed the smell of fresh salty water, the feel of the golden sand between my toes, and  the crystal blue water. There really is no place like home.

I have so many great memories. Some difficult memories too, but mainly they are magical.


My childhood was filled with laughter, playing outside with my siblings and friends across the different houses I lived in in Kincumber, making mud pies, playing cricket in the street and making little pretend families in our cubby houses. Back in those days, as I have always been, I was incredibly active and outdoorsy and whether it be rollerblading, playing sports or rock-climbing our backyard wall, I was always outside. I may have been a quiet, sensitive kind of child but when I was out in the sunshine, surrounded by nature and moving my body, I was the happiest kid alive.

Being raised in a Catholic-ish family, naturally I was obligated to attend a Catholic primary school, and later in life, an all girls, Catholic highschool. Despite my obvious lack of Catholic values, being that homosexuality goes against the bible and all, I still thoroughly enjoyed, for the most part, my schooling experience. I made some magnificent friends who to this day I still hold very close to my heart and learned some incredible lessons about myself and life. But despite thriving in PDH-PE and maths, the academic side not really my priority, a factor that I regretted later in life.

Instead I was too busy going playing cricket or going to parties with my friends, mainly at Killcare, to be focused on the grades I was getting. I was at the peak of my teenage life exploring my sexuality, drinking passion pop and playing spin the bottle- there was no time for study in between all of that. It was also the time that my parents were going through their marriage breakup, so even more of an excuse to be distracted from my academic studies.


To be honest, I never would have thought after all of this I would end up at University, getting distinctions in my Bachelor of Commerce and Arts degree and building a business in marketing and self development. Never in my wildest dreams! But it happened, and here I am. Makes you realise that if you don’t well in school, your life is not over. There are plenty of other ways you can achieve your goals, but as I tend to do, I chose the road less travelled.

As I await going back to University, later this month to be precise, I have been astounded at what I have achieved during this 3 months on the coast. I have rekindled with my incredible friends who I lost contact with when I was unwell, I have met some wonderful new friends and most significantly, I have continued to grow as a person, working on my self development journey.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my life in Melbourne. I love the person I am there, the beautiful, friendly people and the wonderful cafes and culture. But I think for my mental health, I just needed a break from it. Not to escape, just to have a different atmosphere to work on myself in. To read, to write and to focus on becoming the person I want to be and building the business I want to prosper.

Unquestionably, this has by far been the greatest escape I could have asked for. I have spent so much time wandering on the beach or by the ocean, thinking about life. I have spent time in nature writing and meditating. I have taken myself out on dates to get my favourite chai or turmeric lattes. I have spent hours reading by my dad’s stunning backyard pool. It has been the greatest level of self-growth I have done in a long time and it has just all fallen into place so beautifully.

In addition, the time with my family and friends has just been invaluable. I have spent so much time with my beautiful six-year-old sister, catching pokemon, playing soccer in the park and riding our bikes together along the water front. I have spent quality time with my dad, other sister and my nan who I missed so much while I was in Melbourne. I got to catch up with my loving friends, all of whom I wish were part of my everyday life in Melbourne I miss them so immensely. There are people I still need to see more of I am sure, and my energy levels have limited that a little, but I know that I will get around to it in due time. It is the people who make my life feel whole and for them I often yearn to come back to the Coast, but the truth is, Melbourne is my new adventure. And as I am sure, it will not be the last.

I have plans to travel the world- Canada, the US (once Trump gets canned of course), South America, Europe, Asia. I have so many wonderful places on my bucket list I want to see. However right now, the greatest adventure is the one that is happening internally- my self growth and healing.

No matter where in the world I go, where my adventures take me, there will always be a special place for the Coast in my heart.

There is no place like home.

The Soulful Wanderer



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