Making Memories By the Sea


This day, Saturday the 4th February was one of the most spectacular days during my time here on the Central Coast.

It wasn’t the beautiful weather, although that was great. It was not that I was in a particularly great mood that day. It was the fact that I got to spend the entire day with my beautiful little sister who I love and adore to pieces.

The previous week, after wanting one for so long, I finally treated myself to a new bike. And by new, I mean a second hand, $30 one. It was no pro road bike, but I didn’t plan to ride a triathlon with it, all I wanted it for was to in lieu of a car, get me to the places I needed to go whilst keeping me fit.

Coinciding with this investment, my little sister has decided to conquer her fears and ditch the training wheels on her bike that she had become so accustomed to over the years. After a few days of practicing and training, the little trooper was ready to take on the the big world, less her trusty little training wheel friends, and in her excitement, bike riding adventures with me was a given.

It all began when she decided to ditch a day in Sydney with her mum and my dad just to spend the day with me, which made me feel incredibly special. It was a special day together, so I luckily my energy levels were moderate enough to fit in everything we wanted to do. So we began planning our special day, a day that consisted of- pokemon catching (a given), lollies, baking chocolate chip cookies, bike riding adventures to the park, a swim in the pool and of course, some movies. Our day was set.

We went on a walk to the park and caught some Pokemon, including some rare ones which was incredibly exciting. We came home and rested before we went to the shops to get our ingredients for Eve’s favourite, chocolate chip cookies, the gluten free option of course. We put on our invisible aprons and like the born cooking prodigies we are, we whipped up some incredible chocolate chip cookies. Sure they didn’t turn out very aesthetically beautiful, but they tasted great, and that’s what matters right?

In our amazement over our baking skills, we divulged the cookies while we watched a movie- Alice in Wonderland to be precise. The day outside was overcast and raining so we figured a movie day would be a perfect way to enjoy the less favourable weather. Movies and snuggles with my cute little squirt.

As it would have it, 10 minutes later the sun was shining, out in full form and really turning up the heat. Almost instantly it went from cold and gloomy to stinking hot and super sunny. If I didn’t know it, I would have thought I was back in Melbourne.

Being the crazy people that we are, naturally Eve and I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to go for a bike ride to the park- not the best idea in hindsight. The ride itself was fun, Eve acing her new bike riding freedom, but the hot made us so parched and sweaty it was disgusting. Let me tell you, in those moments of riding, sweat dripping from me, I had never felt any sexier in my life. Ladies, watch out!

After what seemed like the longest ride of our lives, we came home and literally collapsed into the pool. In that moment, diving into the pool, the refreshing coolness was the best thing I had ever experienced. On a 40+ degree day, sweat dripping from every pore, the soothing water made it all okay. Even though it was only a short, 10 min swim, it was incredible.

As Eve reminded me, Alice in Wonderland was still incomplete and we needed to finish what we had started. How dare I let the poor child not watch her whole movie? What kind of sister was I? A vegemite sandwich, a movie and of course a special treat was all she needed to keep her happy. And like that, she was transfixed.

In the late afternoon, out of nowhere, once Alice in Wonderland was finished, Eve made the decision that she wanted to go for another bike ride. We jumped on our wheels and heading to the waterfront where we could ride past the ocean and take in the gorgeous view or in Eve’s mind, catch pokemon.

The ride was phenomenal. The weather had cooled down thanks to a beautiful breeze and the air just felt magical. We rode for what felt like forever, despite our special stop off to get a ginger beer for Evie, an essential on any bike ride apparently. Then toward the end, on our ride home, we caught the beautiful sunset happening over the water, as pictured above. The perfect way to end a perfect day with my little squirt.

We didn’t spend much money and we didn’t do anything to incredible but somehow this was one of the greatest days, spending time with one of the people I love. Then again, every day here, spending time with the people that I love, is beyond incredible.

I truly believe that once you learn to love yourself more, for the person that you are, wholly and completely, the love for others around you amplifies and projects out in wonderful waves.

To my little sister, thank you for being so kind-hearted, loving and sneakily affectionate and to the wonderful people in my life, thank you for being a part of it. Every one of you are valuable in my life and I thank you for just being you.

Enjoy the moments with the people you love. Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t be anxious about the future. Just live in the present and savour every minute that you spend with these special people in your life, making incredible, fulfilling memories.

Peace and Love

The Soulful Wanderer




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